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Hello guys, I hope you're having a wonderful week so far. The 'SHOP!' portion of the blog is up and running right now, yay!! You can check it out and have fun shopping!
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Purple lips

Hello guys, I hope you're having a wonderful month. I wore my favorite caramel coat to have dinner and catch up with a friend of mine a few weeks ago. I've had this coat for quite a while and i'm pretty sure you're used to seeing it by now. I got mail from a reader asking to purchase it off me but until I'm able to find another, this is not leaving my closet anytime soon. With that said, right after this blog post I will be uploading items ready for purchase on the 'Shop my Closet' tab of this blog.

This hair install was my first brazillian hair install and I loved every part of it. I had it in for two months and the hair still felt like new. The length of the hair varied between 22-16inches and if you're looking for some to purchase, contact me for a discounted quote.

This lipstick has turned out to be so much fun to wear. The hesitation to try it out was huge but eventually caved. It's a mix of the 'wet n wild' 919B (vamp it up/style vamp) and 'cover girl' TrueShine 485 (watermelon shine).
Caramel coat// Black lights (fleece-lined for warmth)// h&m purse// Black bootie// h&m black infinity scarf
This was a great night. I hope you're having a wonderful month, continue to stay blessed and fabulous. You can follow the page on facebook here and check out the instagram here. Thanks for reading, xox.


Snow behind me...

Hey guys, I hope the new year is treating you well. So I mentioned in the last post that it would be cute to turn that summer look into somewhat of a winter look with a leather jacket and a bootie...and this is it. I did forget to put on my black unity scarf to finish off the look...that's what happens when one (me) fails to plan the outfit ahead of time, smh. 
Dress: ebay// Jacket: h&m 
I have finally been bitten by the instagram 'bug' and you check it out here for more posts that don't make it on the blog...
..it was freezing out there and no i'm not used to the crazy Canadian winter just yet. We actually had a polar vortex experience last week...not cool.
Thanks for reading and have a blessed and wonderful rest of the week, xox.