What camera do you use? how often do you shop for outfits?
It depends...sometimes I use a canon eos 60D or a nikon d3000. I actually don't shop much, just once in a while.

 How much time do you spend blogging?
Blogging can take a bit of time trying to put everything together to make it presentable so I try to make sure I make time for it. I try to squeeze in some blogging time after work or before work and on weekends.

What's your favourite colour, designer and song?
I love mustard, coral and turquoise. I tend to gravitate more towards new and upcoming designers but I love Carven (womenswear), and many others (too long to list). I love country (#don'tjudge) and I've been listening to a lot of gospel hip hop lately (you gotta love Richie Righteous, Shai Linne, and Lecrae!!!).

Have you ever lived in ghana?
Yes, I was born and raised there. 

Which vintage clothing shops do you shop from in downtown Toronto?
I shop from a variety of vintage shops but I always recommend 69 vintage and TSOQ, both stores are on queen street...they have amazing pieces.

So your hair is always on point...any tips?
Uhmm...don't really do much with my hair but you can check out the hair/beauty section on the blog for some of my hair tips.

What are you studying?
Well I have a bachelors in nursing and I'm going back to school for my MSW, hopefully soon.

Do you advertise on your blog?
Yes I do. Please contact me via email (stylishedforever@gmail.com) for further information.

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