Getting on the Gym Tip...

So apparently i've gained about 12lbs in the span of two years and i can't believe it. It's pretty interesting how it seems like it the weight just gang up on you. Although it's not so evident when i compare the before and after (probably why i kept on consuming food like there was no tomorrow) but the scale definitely did not lie.

I realize that i need to start watching my food intake and get on the "gym tip" to get to my initial weight. So i guess its time to give up on the "big mac" and the "whopper" (my favourite) for now. I'm not going to get into any crazy dieting to end up in disappointment so you should all wish me all the best. I know that its not going to be easy but i'll try to keep my focus. I'm sounding so determined right now but we'll see how this goes.

I'm awarding a blogger award to my ladies at Pastime Bliss for being so sweet and giving me a nice award. Also to my girl at Chic Therapy for making me slightly jealous of her super cute outfits each time :)

Thanks for reading.
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xo :)


Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

lovely posts..
just stumbled on your blog.
love it.. your looks too.!!


Chanel Craves said...

Loving your blog. You have a great sense of style. I'm following u on bloglovin.

Check out my fashion blog.

Chic Therapy said...

awwwwww!!Thanks *blushing*.That's awfully nice of you dear.
BTW, you inspired me to get oxford shoes.I got them in black & white too ;-)

Sabina said...

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Have a fantastic day :))

Abi said...

Oh, I might have to join you as well since I climbed up a flight of stairs today and couldn't catch my breath for a good little while! All the best!

♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

Thanks guys :)
and Abi join the club and we'll be gym freaks together :)

alexandra said...

you & your blog are great! :)
i wish you good luck with losing weight, but i really think you don't need to! =)
hope my english is not that bad :D

<3 alex

Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

now following your fabulous blog.
hope you do the same,please.


Zarna said...

you look amazing, but if you feel like you need to get healthier and than more power to you! hope you're having a great weekend :)


kirstyb said...

great post xxxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet comments! I've had the same problem with the recent weight gain as well. I moved to a different city 2 years ago where restaurants are located at every street corner. I've gained so much weight because of all the temptations!
I hate working out, but honestly it's the only way to go. I'm also 5 ft tall, so we can both do this :)


simplychic said...

your hair and make up are gorgeous.

fast food is the devil, but it is good ;) i've eaten less fast food since i moved to cali (b/c my fav place is not out here) and i can tell that i've dropped a few lbs by the way my clothes are fitting.

Luna said...

hey girl! i nominated you for an award by the way, you can claim it on my blog :) xox~

silvia Navarro said...

great post!!!!your blog is very nice!!!!


♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

Aww thanks Nina, you're super sweet :)
@simplechic girl i know mehn the fast food is killing me but i'll pull through for sure!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful pic Hun...I feel you on the weight gain issue...I am trying to lose a couple myself..lol. Goodluck on your journey.

My blog:

Elenyta Diva said...

You have a really nice blog!
Would come visit mine?
I absolutely follow you ;)


Anna Katrina said...

you look so pretty!!

stop by sometime<3

Emilie said...

wauw you are so pretty, and your blog is lovely :) I love the outfit in the header , especially the shoes :D



Southerners from the North said...

thanks for the award :) so lovely! xx

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

hi honey!!

great blog! lovely <3

you...a rock...very beautiful :D*

iUnderEye said...

Are you seriously going to the gym? You so don't need to, but if your not comfortable, then its worth a try. hot hair by the way!


Fashionably Black said...

Good luck with your weight loss goals. Congrats to both ladies for winning blogger awards!


agnes said...


Ag said...

The Gym tip is not a game! but working out once you get into it becomes addictive! Keep it up girl!