Hair Bun Tutorial

So I've been told to keep my hair just the way it is and I'm so up for it. I've also been approached by many people as to how I do it and so I decided to do a quick tutorial on it.
Enjoy and have fun with the hair bun :)
Have a wonderful day, xox


Promise said...

Wish I could do that, but can't really do that with a weave, and my own hair is not long enough :(...x


cReatif tiNka said...

wish I cul do it too! sighz! love ur hair though


Marsha said...

Hi, Ms. Doreen, I love your Blog so much! So many inspiration, Can you check mine out;



Toria said...

Very cute. I may have to try this the next time I flat iron my hair. :)
Thx for sharing.

Marta from With Love... said...

As far as hair goes I am so challenged in that department.... great tutorial, will definitely give it a try.


crystal glamour said...

cute tutorial :)

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The College Barbie said...

Hah! Cute, simple & stylish. Great protection for your ends too w/ this nasty cold weather. I think New Jersey has more snow than Toronto does!

♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

Thanks lovelies :)
@ The College Barbie we have so much snow around it's crazy! Yea and the hair is very much my hair of choice for the winter just so my ends stay perfect!

dc said...

I'll vote for you girl!

Shabana said...

i need to try that! its cute!

Yankeenaijababe said...

wow! I love it so much, thanks for sharing girl

Christina said...

thank you for the comment! i really appreciate you taking the time to leave one :) i am now following you. i hope you will follow my blog back if you like it, and if you ever find any posts interesting that you will comment. i will def comment on yours. xoxo


Sarah Jane said...

This makes me miss my hair being natural and flat ironed :( But I am determined to try this with my locs :) If i am successful, I'm totally going to credit you for it :)

Sarah Jane R.

christie said...

great tutorial! i have short hair so no chanch this will work for me but if i ever grow out my hair i'll def have a go!


Chic Therapy said...

wow!you hair is long

A walk in town said...

You have amazing hair, they look so healthy and that bun suit you so well. I wish I could it.