Valentine's day was just another day for me and nothing special but it was interesting seeing red all over everywhere. I wonder why we have to set up one day to love and not just love every single day. #justathought





Old navy chunky knit// Aldo shoes
Have a happy Tuesday!


Promise said...

I agree with you..x


Sing said...

Totally agree, but I feel that way about all Holidays that are geared toward showing love toward loved ones. Everyday is a celebration of love of friends, mates and family.
Love the chunky sweater.

Marella said...

Gorgeous outfit!

The College Barbie said...

love, considering the weather has been strangly warm here, I have been totally abusing it. I LOVE being a girl and being able to dress depending on how the wind blows, literally!

Anne said...

loving your hair!

Sher said...

u look great hun,agree on celebrating love everyday,my hubby and I dont bother with Valentines

MZB ♥ said...

cute outfit!


Sarah Jane said...

I am not one to celebrate Valentine's Day except I did get my mom, daughter, sister, and aunt a present. I felt a little happy since things are going right in my life. I love your sweater and socks/heels, very nice breezy ensemble!

Sarah Jane R.

Missy Cheeks said...


Toria said...

Looking lovely...great looking sweater!

I agree...we should be celebrating and showing our love 365..not just one day. Valentine's day was just like any other day for me as well.


Marella said...

Hi dear! Answering your question about the pics on my blog: I use to modify the wide with photoshop, my img are 700 pixels wide! <3

Ivonne said...

you look adorable! Love the last shot!


Barbious said...

love the shoes

Nancie Mwai said...

looking so girlie girl with the long hair and the band! x

Debbie said...

How cute you are in this outfit!

maphi said...

so beautiful i love it xoxo

The Corner Shop said...

It must be hard to avoid looking frumpy in winter. You're rocking it!! :D


Tiffany Monet said...

Beautiful! I would love to feature you blog "who's that girl" weekly post.. Please email me if your interested..Materialgirls23@yahoo.com

xo T


Anonymous said...

thank-you for the comment my lovely
i love your shoes so much they are gorgeous! and your trousers in the first picture <3