Study break

Study week has been quite relaxing...at home with roomie eating our lives away, literally! We eat all day and study less (#studentlife)...not such a good thing. I've also had more down time to check out other blogs and I've discovered soooo many and I'm definitely inspired by some of these fashion, beauty and travel blogs out there. Most of the time my inspirations come from people on the streets but it's nice to draw inspirations from fellow bloggers as well.
Asos T-shirt, Nailene white nail polish
Have a wonderful rest of the week and stay warm!
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Melody said...

You look adorable, loving the head wear. And honey, the amount of chinese I have eaten during this study break... I should be ashamed of my life. It is half past midnight and I am blogging, the whole day I have written a whole half a page, I am not serious in life, haha!

♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

lmao! Girl, trust me you're not the only one.

Rhoda a.k.a xMiss-Charmingx said...

I've been reading your blog for some time now and I must say. I like it a lot! to the point where I check on you twice daily lol.

I can't wait to see the new name you come up with for your blog :)

Lola said...

Hi, I love Ur blog and I love the way u put together this outfit. Can u pls give a list of the fashion blogs u go on so i can atleast get some inspiration.Where do u get Ur fashion inspiration from cuz all this outfits u put together on Ur blog must cost u a lot of thinking. I sometimes wish I could put together half of the outfits u put together. That's y I stick to very basic and simple things cuz I don't have the guts.lol.

♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

@Rhoda...LOL. thanks doll!
@Lola...thanks girl! I actually draw most of my inspirations from everywhere and mostly people from the streets. Some of the blogs i'm loving are Karla's Closet, Stylescrapbook, Chicmuse many others.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, you look so amazing
i love your headscarf! not many people can pull them off <3

Buy WoW Rogue said...

nice socks.:D love your mani

SAMANTHA said...

woahh I LOVE your turban!! can you do a tutorial?! I always want to do something like this but I really cannot figure it out hahah challenged. thanks for your comments! Im having a jewelery giveaway right now if youd like to enter!


The Corner Shop said...

Haha!! Now these pics are what i call 'chilling'. Love the tights and the turban. Oh, and the new header! :D


Zarna said...

good luck with school! you look so fabulous in that turban!

Ivonne said...

You even look stylish while you are studying!!! True fashionista, lol. Love the knee high sox!


cheyenne davide. said...

you look gorg!
Studying takes up soo much time, but you look fashionable at the same time ;) hahaa
loving the headscarf lovely ;D

Vicky said...

I'm so glad that my studying times are over! good luck with your exams/tests!

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Brenda said...

I love it!

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Carlinn said...

Such cute photos!

Cee said...

This post really took me back to my university days- eating more and studying less :) Although I'm sure I looked less chic than you do while I was doing it. Love your turban!!

Shana said...

You are too cute!!! Thank you so much for stopping by! and you must link up some of your thrifting finds!!! I am your newest follower :O)


Southerners from the North said...

love the tights!

Segments of Life said...

You look so cute and stylish, even when you're studying! love your blog..following :)

please stop by my blog...need more readers

Anonymous said...

You are very beautiful, but you should smile more often :) you have a nice smile

idEAlTEENliFE said...

I love ur socks thehy are the best!!!!

The Wardrobe Stylist said...

These are awesome shots! Love the style! See you on the-wardrobe-stylist.blogspot.com. I am following you now.

Blaq_Razbari said...

hahaha that's the same face i make when i'm doing (well attempting to do) my homework. lOl cute pictures : )