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I was recently featured as one of three bloggers in the premier issue of Kenya's first online magazineKasha. It was a great feature (Thanks Nancie!) and this is for those who couldn't read what it says on the photo.
Full Names: Doreen Afriyie  
Location: Toronto, Canada
Birth country: Ghana (West Africa)
Blog name: StylishedForever
Blog address: stylishedforever.blogspot.com
How long have you been blogging?
  • Well I’ve had my blog for about 3years now but I really started getting into it about a year and a half ago. 
What made you start a blog?
  • Found out about blogging back when I had my fashion channel on youtube. I realised that most people there had a blog and so I created one (which I had no idea what it was all about) but I knew that I wanted to do something fashion related so when I discovered other fashion blogs, I went ahead to get into creating mine.
What’s your favourite music?
  • I listen to a variety of music genres from country to gospel rap to soul RnB to classic rock.
Does it affect the way you dress?
  • Not really but then again what doesn’t affect the way we dress...fashion is forever evolving.
Any memorable moments you’ve experienced due to blogging?
  • I remember when I had my first follower (I wish I could remember exactly who it was)...I was like okay...some else likes this...it was quite exciting: D
Do people ask you to style them just because you have a blog?
  • Oh wow, that’s going to be a big YES! It’s become so normal that now I don’t even realize that they’re asking me just because I’m a blogger.
Any tips you can give a newbie blogger who wants to make it in blogging?
  • Oh wow, all I can say is just keep doing what you do best and keep it you. Don’t get too caught up into making your blog look like someone else because you know we can’t all have the same personality. Also don’t be discouraged if you don’t have many followers because if you’re keeping your content fresh and original, there will always be someone that relates to your style.
Q&A  answers
what camera do you use? how often do you shop for outfits?
It depends...sometimes I use a canon eos 60D or a samsung digital camera. I actually don't shop much, just once in a while.
 how do you keep your self in such great shape ? Do you have any tips that could help.
Don't remember the last time I was in a gym but I do some crunches when I can at home.
What's your favourite colour, designer and song?
I love mustard, coral and turquoise. I tend to gravitate more towards new and upcoming designers but I love Carven (womenswear), and many others (too long to list). I love country (#don'tjudge) and I've listening to a lot of gospel hip hop lately (you gotta love Lecrae!!!).
Any trend of the moment that you are not a fan of?
Flatforms! urrgh! (unless there's a really hot one out there that I can't resist :D)
have you ever lived in ghana?
Yes, I was born and raised there.
Which vintage clothing shops do you shop from in downtown Toronto?
I shop from a variety of vintage shops but I always recommend 69 vintage on queen street...they have amazing pieces.
so your hair is always on point...any tips?
Uhmm...don't really do much with my hair
What are you studying?
Well I'm a nursing student (not exactly what you would expect I knowww...) and I graduate next year.

I hope it was a good read!


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