I don't know if most people do it but I love to pin multiple badges of meaning into my jean jackets, I've had them pinned on the jacket for quite a while now.
These booties are more like fall/winter wear but oh well, felt like wearing it...
Have a great week and enjoy the summer while it lasts...xx


LV said...

Gorgeous outfit! I love the jacket and that shade of blue looks amazing with your skin tone. this is a great look from head to toe!


neks2U said...

Gorgeous! Love this look!


Jennifer said...

great dress! i love your boots!


Inez of Style Chic....360 said...

love the look nice touch with those booties. Love those pins for a cause!

downtownchicagobarbie said...

I love the boots and don't worry I had on my boots yesterday too.

www.Victoria-Gabrielle.com said...

lovely look im inspired to pin some badges on my jean jacket too now! x

Anonymous said...

I love this look, and your boots they are killer, I love them!
I like the thought of putting inspiring buttons on, Makes you remember what you stand for, I used to put buttons on my messenger bags in high school, when I went through my punk-days, ahh, When I was young, Take care Doreen.
Love, M.

Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

you are so pretty..!!
i love the jackets and badges.
got myself lovely cartoon character badges.
cant wait to rock them.


Toria said...

Love the boots...you look adorable!


Tima said...

I like the edge that the boots give the look. Fashion is about taking risk, you did, and it worked!!

Editor & Chic

Sada said...

You are SO gorgeous! I had an amazing jean jacket with pins/jewlery/charms....and lost it in Mexico! So sad! Love your boots and your whole look!! Your bag is pretty amazing too! Great post!

Vivi said...

One of my really good friends collect buttons and wears like half of them on her jackets/dresses/shirts, etc. I think it's unique. Gives a bit of your personality into your outfits.

uduak said...

i love the boots Doreen, and blue looks good on u.

J'Anns Boutique said...

Love the pins and your outfit, the boots are cute...sometimes you have to mix seasons :-)

A Girl's Next Best Friend

TyshaJames said...

That color looks amazing on you! And the boots adds a bit of edge to your fitted dress! I love wearing boots any time of the season, who says they should only be fall/winter worthy? Love this outfit!

Shasie said...

Such a cute look! I love the shoe booties
Live Life in Style

Chic Therapy said...

hahaha we are both talking about pins in our posts

Nic said...

i love your boots! and the buttons on the jacket are great! i have several buttons i wear on my fall jackets as well :-)


Candor said...

i love your shoes!

Candor said...

i love your shoes!

Sugarr♥House38 said...

I have a whole can of thought pins that I never thought to use; now I'm inspired. Lovely! xoxo

MissRockwell said...

Heyyyy...I do that same thing. My pins don't have any specific quote on them but I do have lots of them on my jacket/vest thingy! And you sure do know how to rock the he'll out of a dress! loving this color on you!