Get FEATURED on facebook!!!

For the past few months I have discovered so many fashion blogs that it's kind of impossible to keep up. They are so amazing and it has inspired me to begin featuring some of them on my facebook page. Therefore I am granting some of these bloggers (old and new) the opportunity to showcase their style or product and be featured on the StylishedForever facebook fan page. This will be a great opportunity to create more traffic for your page which will help you to welcome new readers to your site. The motive behind this is because I know it is not easy starting out as a new blogger and it definitely helps when you're featured on other sites.

So this is how it's going to work...
1. Follow this blog and the Facebook page
2. Send a photo showcasing how dope your style is.
3. Write out a FEW words describing your style including the link to your site.
4. Send them to stylishedforever@gmail.com with the title "StylishedForever Facebook Feature"

You can still be featured if you do not own a blog and still want to showcase your style with others.
These features might either be weekly or monthly so do not worry if you sent your stuff in and have not been featured yet.


chuqqie said...

lovely thats really helpful

Maggie ☮ said...

This is definitely a really cool idea! I can't wait to see who comes up I love finding new bloggers <3

UnA said...

ahh so lovely!

Thanks for your visit hun!

<3 Una

rarelydressed said...

this is really interesting! we would love to be featured on your facebook page, so we will definitely send you some pics!!!