Back in the Saddle

Hello lovely readers, I hope you're doing great and this new year is treating you well. I did a little travelling to Ghana for a friend's wedding and it's kind of bittersweet to be back. I miss the warm weather, the people, and the food already and I can't wait to get back there. Unfortunately though, all my photos got messed up (loooong story) and so I won't be able to share them with you...bummer, I knowww :(

Have a wonderful rest of the week and don't forget to visit the facebook page here, xox.


melissa ward said...

Very chic look luv the top knot fab pumps

Diane said...

you look cute on this outfit!

Paloma said...

Muito lindo, adorei!!!

Cherrie J. said...

Love this look!! The blouse is so cute!


BoisNoir said...

Good seeing you again. Missed reading your post :)

HeartsAndCrosses said...

Love the skirt, you look gorgeous

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