Guest Post: Summer Trends 2013 in Clothing and Shoes Revealed!

The 2013 trends in summer are all about style but in a little conventional way. If you are one of those who love to stock new items in the closet every season, the summer of this year has plenty to offer you. Here is a close take at what you will need to make your sunny days brighter as a fashionista and those dresses and shoes online that you can buy.
Clear Shoes:
Image Source: thebestfashionblog.com
From clear straps to more clear heels, shoes in such style have ruled the ramp in every way possible. The designs in clear shoes are a rage, and there are so many different styles to try. Those high wedges in the clear style or the sandals in clear straps with or without embellishments are certainly worth trying. 
Statement stripes:
Image Source: littleglassbottle.com
If you are not very fond of prints, the stripes are in vogue and the fashion experts suggest the trend will follow in months to come. Of course, the solid black and white stripe is always in vogue, but keep in mind that there are other colours that work well with white in particular. Think of stripes in any of the summer colours mixed with white, and you are ready to give the hottest girl of your college a run for money. You can take inspiration from Dolce & Gabbana’s new collection for ideas.
Bold and bright:
Image Source: littleglassbottle.com
When it comes to colour choices for summer 2013 in clothing, the bolder is the better. Look for all kinds of colour clashing ideas with designs in the graphic mode and other contrasting colours for hints. Even those slogan t-shirts in bright colours are worth checking and can light up your boring day in no time at all. Look for more block patterns and prints more than anything else.
Neon shoes:
Image Source: blog.jildorshoes.com
The trend of neon colours in shoes is not something new, but the designers suggest on choosing neon coloured shoes even for this season, as well. It is extremely important to make sure that the shoes you choose are not very parallel to the colour of the clothing. The idea of contrasting is what that is making the most vibes. Orange, green, blue and reds in the brightest shades is what you must look for.
Cropped tops and bras:
Image Source: fashionmagazine.com
If you have that hour glass figure and want to show it off, it is best to choose those retro style cropped tops and bras that refuse to go out of fashion. The colours can be anything from extreme bright to something totally neutral, but the idea is to show off that washboard flat abs. In case you haven’t found a reason to be motivated to join the gym, you know where to start!
There are other trends like printed blouses, loosely fitted shirts for work and classy peep toes and pointed heels to choose from, so make sure you are ready to shop more.

Author's Bio: Suzy Walsh is the editor and writer for The House of Elegance Fashion and is known to have the best of fashion trends up her sleeves.

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