Montreal trip Part 1

Hello guys, so over the weekend a few friends and I took a quick trip to Montreal. We literally had the best time just catching up on what everyone has been up to since graduation. Montreal is one cool place and we had a good time. Sadly, I was having camera issues and to worsen the situation, the battery died on the first day during our sightseeing at the Biodome, smh. I still managed to take a few shots with my friend's phone, so excuse the poor quality of the photos.

...on the way to the "Chinese garden of light" at the Biodome, it was the most beautiful scene I've ever explored.

It sucks that the camera couldn't really capture the night scene behind me here but it was beautiful!

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Fashion Rehab said...

you look so cute hun, the place looks so beautiful, wish I can visit canada soon.

StylishForever said...

Aww thanks love :)

Dinesha Johnson said...

the scenery looks gorgeous and great scarf
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Purple Ivy said...

Loving the caramel coat.