Denim on florals

So it turns out i'm a bit nerdy, not surprising though :) This is more of a laid back fun look. Caramel is another color i love to play with when it comes to shoes, bags and belts so i chose this caramel Aldo bag to give the whole look a "boho feel"
Shoes and Bag: Aldo
Primark belt
Skirt: Forever21 (an oldie)

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Melody said...

I adore this look. Perfect.

Just discovered your videos on YouTube. I will start following your blog, you have a cut style.

Doreenblessed said...

Thanks Melody :)

Bajan Beauty said...

I'm loving this outfit, I purchased a denim shirt and have yet to wear it. I'm not really sure how I should wear it. Maybe I can create a look similar to this.

DaBlackSjp said...
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DaBlackSjp said...

nice pictures
I <3 this look!