Romper and a Bun...

So its been quite a while guys and i'm so so sorry about the long wait. So here's a look i put together, enjoy.

So the hair in a bun has been a trend we're seeing all over almost every runway now. I never put my hair in a bun but since we're all trying to be trendy, i thought i might as well try it out. The jumpsuit is also another thing i never wear ever, but let's just say its due to self esteem issues haha. Ah well its also another trend that seem to have come back so get yourselves one guys.
Shoes: ALDO
Jumpsuit: Forever21 (about 2yrs ago)

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Xoxo :)


LadyGray said...

love it sista girl! u have no reason to feel self concious u r rocking that outfit!

Doreenblessed said...

aww thanks hun, ur too sweet :)