Fab at the office

These photos are somewhat of a throwback. Its just an idea for an officewear rather than your typical suit. Remember you can still look fab at the office.
You can vote on which look you like the most. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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Thanks for reading
xoxo :)


Melody said...

I really love the first outfit
I liked the 2nd, until I saw the snow. Open toe and snow? Not feeling it. I think it would have looked better with closed-to shoes.

Doreenblessed said...

Thanks hun.
lol it was actually very nice and sunny that day. There was still snow cuz we had a heavy snow wks before and it took forever to melt.

Shona Vixen said...

I like the 2nd Look but like Melody was also like 'hmmmm open toe and snow' that just didn't go..but glad you stated it was nice and sunny. So the 2nd look for me!!

Anonymous said...

Your first outfit is too gorgeous, that is my pic for the office.


Doreenblessed said...

thanks hun :)

Mayowa said...

i like the second one best, i'm not bothered with the setting.

Doreenblessed said...

Thanks Mayowa :)