Embrace yourself

I was approached a little while ago to be one of the fashion contributors for this new site called embraceyoumag and this is the first entry. I actually wrote this article a while ago for a project that never happened so I thought I might as well share it with the readers. Hope you'll check it out :)
Have a fab day!


Eda ♥ said...

Great contribution darling and what a good opportunity to write for another site ♥

Eda ♥

*following your blog*

Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

keep doing whatchu doing.

Demisdays said...

Congratulations on your article, It sounds sooo like me: a closet full of stuff and nothing to wear!! Feel free to check out my post and see my cruise vacation recap!

Shasie said...

Congratulations on becoming a contributor
Live Life in Style

Nancie Mwai said...

congrats on contributing for them! Sadly I also suffer from the same syndrome...I never have anything to wear!

Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

This is SO exciting :) congrats! thank you for stopping by my blog :)

Love, Vanilla


Mirror of Fashion said...

Congrats dear! X

kitkat said...

Very nice writing! i wld definitely focus less on buying only stuff that's in vogue lol.

ronan said...

haha love this! great blog and i'll definitely be trying to buy more classics;) love your blog! :) ronan x


Cee said...

Frighteningly enough, I really identified with this article! I've been trying to break myself of the habit of just buying something new instead of being creative with the things I already own. Great tips!

Vale ♥ said...

Very nice article, thanks for sharing ! You have a lovely blog, following :) I hope you like my blog too and follow back ! Keep in touch xxx Kisses from Italy

Fashion and Cookies

Jewellery Bijou said...

I am your new follower,I would really appreciate if you could follow me back!

Anonymous said...

impressive article! i totally agree with the 'nothing to wear syndrome.' happens to me quite often haha


Céline Mademoiselle said...

Hi dear ,
I've just discovered your blog today, and you are incredibly STYLISH ! Your outfits are just WOW !

From now I'll be your follower;-) I hope you will follow me back.

xoxo from a "chasseuse de styles" in Brussels

Céline Mademoiselle


Tea For Two said...

A nice sharp read, I enjoyed it. Definitely agree, investment in classic pieces is key and a good little capsule collection of basics that go with everything. Fast fashion is more than half the reason so many women get this 'disease'. Chasing after throwaway trends always makes women feel they have nothing they actually want.

Monstah Barbie said...

congrats girl!! interesting read! keep up the good work!

Kimber! said...

I'm new to this blog, love the article- especially as I always have "nothing to wear" while trying to force my bulging wardrobe shut!

Dressing Up With K


Emma said...

great done!!! :)

xo Emma


Monroe Steele said...

Wow that is so cool. Congrats!

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

Missy Cheeks said...

great article :=)

Zarna said...

great article!! congrats on the gig!

Fashion Guru said...

great work! :-)

~elisa~ said...

just discovered your blog... and I think your style is amazing!! Love your outfits, love your blog :D


~elisa~ said...

just discovered your blog... and I think your style is amazing!! Love your outfits, love your blog :D


TyshaJames said...

congrats on your article! That is so true! I have that syndrome about twice a week! LOL I'd say 50% of my wardrobe is classic 40% trendy and 10% thrifted and still i find trouble putting stuff together! So now i use my blog as an inspiration board! Since i can see what i've worn already i can then mix and match with different pieces! but great article!

Anonymous said...

nice blog!!!!

we follow you


The Corner Shop said...

I read it. Pretty cool babe and good advice- invest in classy pieces and accessories! You should write more on this site :D