A new Chapter

Moving back to my beloved Toronto indefinitely is scary sometimes because I'm not used to being at one place for a long period of time but I'm sure it'll all work out. For now, I will start by getting to know the city a lot more. I'm definitely looking forward to this summer, I believe it will be awesome!! Speaking of the summer, do you guys have any fun stuff planned??
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Anonymous said...

I love your shoes

Sing said...

I love Toronto, certaintly not a bad place to settle down. I can't wait to get back there, they had really nice vintage stores.

larissa said...

Nice blog babe!
Great styling.

t said...

Nice sunglasses!


Loes said...

Not a lot of people do NOT look like an idiot with such glasses, but they looks amazing on you! And I like the bow in your hair too :)

Shawna Hynes said...

Cute photos! Love the dotted bow & oxfords :) Now following you!

<3 Shawna
Serpentine Streets

Amanda said...

sounds like we have something in common. I also move alot! But enjoy the city and learn to love it =) I think its so cool that u are in Toronto, I never been but it sounds like a great city!

PS, I need those glasses!

Fashion Rehab said...

Thanks Doreen :D!! by the way, you pulled off those sunglasses nicely .

In Fashion Rehab

Danielle said...

Love your blog and your oxfords! I love Toronto! Very fast paced which is what I need in my life:)

Peek at my blog sometime :)

GLAMd0lll said...

Super cute shades!



Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Enjoy your move! Hopefully you enjoy your time home. Explore your city and get to know it like a tourist :-)

Confessions Of A City Girl

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Toronto!! I'm always super excited to come across bloggers based in TO, it never ceases to amaze me how big the Toronto blogger community really is. We definitely need to create a network!

True Queen

v.saveddimples said...

nice bracelets :)